Large Base Plates - Large Fence Bases – Large Footplates PD-3

Traffic sign base plates are a stable and damage-resistant element of road safety. Their construction is designed in such a way that they fulfill their tasks on roads as best as possible. The use of handles in the bases allows their comfortable lifting, while holes and grooves allow their safe stacking. Cast feet in the lower part of the base make it difficult to move it in relation to the ground. They have a number of mounting holes adjusted to the most frequently used pipes and brackets on the road. All this makes the base as an element of vertical signage provides an easy, fast and safe temporary traffic protection organization. We offer small bases with a weight of 19 kg and large bases with a weight of 30 and 25 kg. It is possible to produce bases with any logo embossed on the product.

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Dimension L x W x H (mm)

Weight (kg)

Maximum quantity on 1 pallet*

Large Base Plates PD-3


790 x 390 x 115 (fi 50,40,60)


30 pcs