About us!

We are one of the leading Polish companies engaged in the production and distribution of road safety elements. Our main goal is to produce for the benefit of society.

We operate on selected markets in Poland and Europe. OLIMPIA was founded in 2001. We specialize in the production of horizontal signs used to ensure safety in road traffic, as well as for information purposes for road users and elements protecting ground and road works. Our offer includes all kinds of signage elements for roads, streets, parking lots, etc… We can provide you with detailed information on the products we offer. Our engineering and technological staff is open to your suggestions related to the implementation of a new product on the market. In each market we work “With safety in mind”.

road safety products

Gabriela Mrochen
+48 509 520 141

Office and Orders

+48 32 44 20 691

Productions and Sales
Mateusz Mrochen
+48 660 755 375

Business Development
Michał Mrochen | Linkedin 
+48 696 955 633

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