Road safety islands / refuge islands AS, AN, AW

Refuge islands – when installed on the road they create artificial islands, perfectly visible for drivers, thanks to which they significantly improve road safety. The use of three elements of the island makes it possible to form any shape and size. Their construction makes it possible to assemble and disassemble them when necessary. The end caps on the mounting holes prevent corrosion of mounting screws and protect against dirt. A system of feet at the bottom of the island makes it possible to fit them very well to the ground.
Mounting elements:
AS – KKX180 – 4 pcs.
AW – KKX180 – 4 pcs.
AN – KKX180 – 3 pcs.

National Technical Assessment

Nr IBDiM-KOT-2017/0068 wydanie 3

Azyle drogowe z tworzyw sztucznych

20.10.2017r. - 20.10.2027r.

3D models at the bottom of the page!

refuge islands
Outer island AS
Road safety islands
Inner island AW
refuge islands
Corner island AN



Dimensions L x W x H (mm)

Weight (kg)

Maximum quantity on 1 pallet*

Outer island

AS500 x 500 x 10020

40 pcs

Inner island

AW500 x 500 x 10021

40 pcs

Corner island

AN500 x 500 x 10017

40 pcs

Please be advised that the above 3D models are only illustrative models and do not reflect the actual products manufactured by FH Olimpia.