Speed Bump Cable Protector OKP

The Speed Bump Cable Protector is used to protect electrical wires and all kinds of cables. Cable protectors are mounted permanently or temporarily to the surface with 4 screws, such solution enables fast and reliable mounting of sections of different lengths. The surface of the protector resembles a speed bump. The surface is covered with strips of chemically hardened mass with glass micro beads which gives a reflective effect and the use of four reflective elements (road studs) alerts. The surface provides anti-slip properties. Only for low current electrical cables.


  • running cables through the street (pedestrian and cyclist traffic)
  • running cables from the console to the stage
  • running cables to OB vans,

3D models at the bottom of the page!

National Technical Assessment

Nr IBDiM-KOT-2017/0033 wydanie 2
Progi zwalniające podrzutowe z tworzyw sztucznych

21.07.2017r. - 21.07.2022r.



Dimension L x W x H (mm)

Weight (kg)

Maximum quantity on 1 pallet*

Speed Bump Cable Protector


440 x 500 x 70


65 pcs

Please be advised that the above 3D models are only illustrative models and do not reflect the actual products manufactured by FH Olimpia.