Traffic Separator - Parking Stops - SP

Parking Stop is used to organize vehicles in parking lots. It limits the overrun of the vehicle wheels outside the designated area. Parking Stop installation is carried out with the use of anchors directly to the road surface for permanent or temporary period and does not require special surface preparation. We offer the following colors: white, black, red, yellow, raised “STOP” sign in a contrasting color.

National Technical Assessment

Nr IBDiM-KOT-2018/0132 wydanie 3

Separatory ruchu ciągłe i punktowe z tworzyw sztucznych

06.04.2018r. - 06.04.2028r.

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Dimension L x W x H (mm)

Weight (kg)

Maximum quantity on 1 pallet*

Traffic Separator - Parking Stops


900 x 200 x 65


70 pcs

Please be advised that the above 3D models are only illustrative models and do not reflect the actual products manufactured by FH Olimpia.